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Kniha Pumpkin - English - Bazar

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The story about the raccoon who thought she was a dog

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Pre-owned book, Condition Very Good. Only 1 piece.

Author: Laura Young

As a baby, Pumpkin the Raccoon was abandoned by her parents after falling out of a tree and breaking her leg. Taken in by a family with two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo, Pumpkin gained a new set of "parents" and a life of luxury in the Bahamas.

Pumpkin: The Raccoon Who Thought She Was a Dog is a sweet, unique look at an adorable household pet. Pumpkin’s message is that friendship and love can be found in the most unlikely of companions. With a lot of personality, and a little bit of mischief, Pumpkin will capture hearts all around the world.

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Kategorie: Knihy
Žánr: English

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